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Crafting Updates!


A lot has happened since my last post in April, 2015. I developed some serious chronic pain issues that have hopefully, finally been resolved by a recent surgery. I am now trying to get back into the swing of things, but have been brainstorming on what those "things" should look like. A few years ago, I set up various blogs and online shops with the intention of trying to "piece myself out" for better presentation: For example my jewelry blog here, is somewhat disconnected from my photography blog, which is somewhat disconnected from my writing blog. I have been wondering if it isn't time to "piece myself together" instead.

In the meantime, I have also been giving a lot of thought as to where I want my jewelry designs to go. Right now, I am contemplating branching out into metal stamping on upcycled scraps of metal including old spoons, tins, washers, pennies, etc. The writer in me is excited about the prospect of spreading my favorite quotes around via stamping.

Other areas of possibility include working with leather, more advanced wire wrapping, more extensive crystal pieces, and making embellishments. One thing I have decided to introduce is my photography. There are a LOT more pretty photos coming down the line!


I wrapped up last year with a new line of super-sparkly Swarovski crystal necklaces, new caged mini-dice gamer earrings, and expanded options for my full-sized dice pendants. Finally, I experimented with resin and put together my first wreath (woot!), and made some unique wooden decor items including trays, chalkboards, and clothespin clips.

I am really looking forward to 2016!

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