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The Department of Education is Out of Line

Read these first:

little rock nineI don't believe the ACLU actually cares about the ethics of this case, they were paid big money to win with a potential windfall of new cases and big money from other wealthy, activist parents.

But the so-called Department of Education ought to be ashamed of itself. It outright threatened the ability of school district 211, which covers five high schools near Chicago, Illinois, to provide an education for its students and that's the bottom line. The DOE extorted, and I do mean extorted, their desired result from this district in an unprecedented move.

"OCR’s [Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights] mission is to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence" Source

Let's pretend the DOE had only focused on the high school in question, rather than the whole district, and let's further pretend that the DOE was looking out for the welfare of 50 students, in a population of 300. The bottom line is the DOE still threatened the education of every student, and the employment of every teacher there.

What does it mean when the United States Department of Education cares more about where one (or fifty, or even one thousand) teen changes clothing a few times a week, rather than whether those students and hundreds more have access to quality education?

segregation This was not a case of a student being discriminated against or denied the right to an education based on skin color or sexual preference (see photos for examples of actual discrimination and prevention of the right to an equal education). This was a case about where and how a student should change clothes at school, although the student in question had already been assigned a private bathroom for changing. The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights is completely out of line.

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racist boySide Note: It is a potentially interesting tidbit that the lady in charge of the DOE's Office for Civil Rights, worked for 10 years at the ACLU in Southern California.