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C&S Spotlight Series: On Buttons

My Spotlight Series highlights some of my favorite materials and techniques. Stay tuned! IMG_2576

What better way to tell a story than with buttons? Buttons have a very long history which you can read more about here and here, and I love their colors, details, and the stories they must know. I have an older-lady friend who got me started using buttons in my jewelry, since I don't sew (Sorry mom, I know you tried!). She gifted me with a large tin full of vintage buttons she didn't want anymore, and what a treasure that turned out to be!


There were buttons made of wood, shell, even stone. There were military buttons from around the world, furniture buttons, and the more typical shirt buttons. There were colors, sizes, and patterns of all kinds.

I had a field day coming up with ways to use them. I've made large and small button mobiles, I've made button stretch bracelets, button earrings, button modesty pins, button key chains, and button necklaces, but my favorite way to use buttons are in button charm bracelets.


Just as I was running low and about to scour Ebay for more vintage buttons, my friend gifted me with a second, smaller tin to replenish my stock. I can't wait for these new buttons to tell me what they want to become next! You can see my current selection of button jewelry here.

Do you upcycle buttons? Do you prefer vintage, antique, or modern ones? Tell me your button story below!