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Health Hazards of Writing

Yum! AlmondsWriting is dangerous for your health. Whenever I sit down to write, I ALWAYS get the munchies. I try to keep it healthy with almonds, carrot sticks, and sweet potato fries, but let's face it: There are only so many almonds a gal can eat (and I love almonds). Then come the cravings for the unhealthy things like potato chips and Hershey bars. It's a good thing we don't keep those around the house very often!

If it isn't the snacking, it's the insomnia. Once you're on a roll with a piece of writing, you can't just stop. The muse says, "No!" Every artist knows better than to make their muse angry. She will leave you even if you get up to go to the bathroom, and she may not return for who-knows-how-long. She might be feeling particularly vindictive this time if her feelings are hurt. What muse wants, muse gets.

So you must write, and eat to keep up your strength. Now let's see...where did I put those chocolate chips?