Professional Creative Services by Loura Lawrence

Photo Sessions and Services


Photo Sessions and Services



Beautiful, color-saturated portraits that focus on the person, not the background. Specializing in children's and Seniors portraits, couples, families, business headshots, and pets.

Custom photo cards, Christmas ornaments, calendars, postcards, Save the Date cards, and other items can be included with your order or later.

Mini-Sessions of 30 min. are $150, full-hour sessions are $325. Fees include all post-shoot photo editing, travel up to 20 minutes from Kettering, and set of digital images (3 for mini-sessions, 6 for full sessions). Other custom packages and items may be requested ahead of time.



So much planning and work go into events big or small, having great photography to capture the fun when it all comes together is important! Loura has over 15 years of experience capturing small business and non-profit organization events, church celebrations, city parades, family reunions, and more.

$225, max 2 hours. Includes all post-shoot photo editing (1.5-2 hours for every hour of shooting), digital images, and limited copyrights.


Stained glass windows at The National Cathedral, Washington D.C.


Introduce visitors (or entice potential ones) to the unique places, people, geography, and events that make up your home. From small towns to big cities, local and national parks, Loura has a love and knack for capturing the flavor of a place. 

$1125/day. Fees include post-shoot editing (approx. 3-5 hours/day of shooting), digital images, and limited copyrights. Travel fees outside of Kettering/Dayton may apply. 

Handmade gemstone bracelet by Cinnamon & Silver Jewelry.

Handmade gemstone bracelet by Cinnamon & Silver Jewelry.

Small Product

One of Dayton's only product photographers, Loura is a highly experienced macro (making small things bigger) photographer, who draws on her additional training in marketing and graphic design to give well-lit, color saturated appealing photos for e-commerce and social media purposes.

Over the past 10 years, Loura has worked with local entrepreneurs and small businesses to capture their small product, handmade crafts, inventions, and edible treats for better marketing and sales results. *Check out my work for local inventor, Dr. Jeremiah Smith of You Tune

$150/hour. Fees include all post-shoot photo editing (1.5-2 hours for every hour of shooting), digital images, and limited copyrights. Custom watermarking and graphic design services also available.

Fix Your Photos Fiver Gig Cover_Adobe Spark.jpg

Photo Editing + Graphic Design

$150/hour. Includes digital images and copyrights, proofreading, and any needed photography services. Adobe Creative Suite programs used exclusively for highest quality results.

  • Website/Social Media Banner Design

  • Creative Writing

  • Invitations/Greeting Cards

  • Business Cards

  • Website/Blog Design or Improvement

  • Logo Design

  • Marketing Products (see list here)

  • Newsletters

  • Photo Editing

  • Other: Just ask!