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Craft Kit: Make Your Own Custom Eco-Friendly, Beaded Upcycled Wine Cork Ornament Party Favors

Craft Kit: Make Your Own Custom Eco-Friendly, Beaded Upcycled Wine Cork Ornament Party Favors


♔ Show off your love of good wine and/or recycling. Bright and shiny, these corks make cute ornaments for a rear-view car mirror, Christmas tree, or window charm. Great little handmade gifts, this would be a quick, fun project for children and adults at parties and school breaks.

♔ Our new "Make your own cork ornament craft kit" comes with everything you need to make your own cute cork ornament for your Christmas tree, or your automobile's rear-view mirror (that is where mine lives).

♔ Kit includes:

~ 1 Upcycled, pre-drilled cork.
~ A variety of beads, sequins, and small chain links in your color choice.
~ Thick wire for hanging.
~ Thin wrapping wire.
~ Complete instructions.

You may request silver or gold colored wire, and you may also request us to set the hanging wire in place for you, as it does require some bending.

Tools needed for this project are:
Rounded or needle nose pliers to bend the thicker, hanging wire; glue

*Corks used are generally synthetic, but will vary. Beads will also vary. We do offer combined shipping.

♔ If you would rather purchase a pre-made cork ornament, go here:

♔ Or view our listing for sets of 6+ corks to upcycle:

♔ See more at:

We love making custom items!

♔ We can fashion a unique cork charm just for you. Every cork charm will be different. Corks may be synthetic or natural, and beads may include acrylic, faux pearl, metal, glass, or wood. Other items may include sequins, different colored wire, buttons, or chain links.

♔ Please let us know when ordering if you would prefer a more "masculine" or "feminine" charm, and if you prefer a particular color(s) (we've already made an adorable pink one!). Otherwise, we will surprise you. :)

♔ Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like a different amount.

♔ Payment is expected upfront for custom orders. Turnaround time is usually 1 week or less.

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