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A multimedia artist specializing in travel and nature photography, journalistic-style writing, and cross-platform communications, Loura Lawrence is a talented and enthusiastic professional regardless of which hat she is wearing (and she loves hats!).

Loura is a passionate advocate for reading, the arts, science, and community. She is an energetic entrepreneur with lots of projects and collaboration opportunities in the areas of photography, writing, jewelry design, teaching, acting, and singing.

Explore Loura's portfolios or follow her blog, The Rambling Soapbox. You can also support her work via Patreon or a direct donation (huge THANK YOU in advance!!).

*Loura’s site and blog are undergoing a revamp. Please be patient if certain articles/pages cannot be accessed.



Creation Illustrated Magazine
Five Rivers Metro Parks, Dayton, OH
PC-Goenner Talent Agency, OH
YouTune Ear Plugs

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